♫♪  Princess Nokia - “For The Night”

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Upon first listen of the new Princess Nokia cloud-emo mixtape A Girl Cried Red (released in April on Friday the 13th), I felt similar to what was said in our TMT Review written by [hater-]Hydroyoga. However, my wife always answers Princess Nokia’s calls in the most positive ways, and felt like this release was very refreshing, especially because she (1) loves all that Mineral, American Football, Cap’t Jazz vibes, and (2) hates cloud rap but has the patience to listen to it when I PUBG. Mostly, for me, it’s Princess Nokia’s embodiment of multiple characterizations: from nu-RnB to old-school hip-hop head to moody-alt popstar. For example:

Old P got the new-new tip on a good-good pNoki video, and it just so happens to be the most “banging” track on the album, “For The Night.” Similar to the track’s calming vogue-anthem melodies, I enjoy listening to it while riding around Chinatown around 2 or 3 AM on my bike witnessing the nearly empty streets that had previously been flooded by the feet of millions. And if I’m not doing that and listening to “For The Night,” the track helps me dream of rolling round in the wee-hours. The video, on the other hand, takes place inside watching Princess Nokia get super “comfortable” after — what I can assume — was an amazing show that I had missed.

Snoop the video “For The Night” and find A Girl Cried Red out now on digital, cassette, and LP.

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