Princess Nokia reissues debut album Metallic Butterfly, thereby saving [your favorite winter holiday]!

Princess Nokia reissues debut album Metallic Butterfly, thereby saving [your favorite winter holiday]!
Photo: Alberto Vargas

Oh no!

You, like so many others, have neglected to find a gift for the diehard Princess Nokia fan in your life until the very last minute. What are you to do?

You are surely in a pickle here — what are you supposed to do, buy them the reissue of 1992 Deluxe a second year in a row???

Fret not! The Princess herself has swooped in and saved you, my friend, by reissuing her 2014 debut album, Metallic Butterfly, with three bonus tracks through Rough Trade.

In addition to the reissue, Princess Nokia has shared a letter written on the day of metallic Butterfly’s original release, documenting her thoughts and feelings on the occasion of, as she puts it, she could say, “yeah I’m a musician. A good one.”

Stream that letter — WITH YOUR DAMN EYEBALLS — down below, and effortlessly purchase yourself a copy of the expanded album right here, RIGHT NOW. (Yup, that’s right: no need to wrestle it out of the hands of some bald and frazzled old dad in the aisle of a Sam Goody or anything!)

Metallic Butterfly remastered and expanded tracklisting:

01. Dimensia
02. Hands Up
03. Seraphims
04. Young Girls
05. Biohazard Butterfly
06. Cybiko
07. Dragons
08. Felicity Island
09. Bikini Weather / Corazón En Afrika
10. Anomaly (Bonus Track)
11. Earth Is My Playground (Bonus Track)
12. Versace Hottie (Bonus Track)

Princess Nokia will reportedly be announcing further 2019 tour dates, but for right now, you can plan on seeing her at the following festivals:

03.02.19 - Berkeley, CA - Noise Pop Festival
05.30.19 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound

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