♫♪  Public Spreads the News - GET LOOSE EP [first half]

Just as you start that day out on the best note possible, it’s always a shy away from crumbling in complete ruin: it could be losing your cellphone in urine, forgetting to put scotch in your coffee, running out of duster while huffing and driving, momentarily realizing where you work, or an untied shoe. Then GET LOOSE EP emerges within your skull cavity. Public Spreads The News saves the whole day, no matter a nuclear holocaust or colliding worlds. And Illuminated Paths is right there, hand on your back, patting an acknowledgement that translates into, “You got this, pal. No worries. Today is merely just yesterday. Or just the ninth of December in 2015. Remember?” So a time travel effect starts to portal you into a dimension that exists only in one’s mind, and GET LOOSE EP is every listener’s literal and musical navigation. Pretend Public Spreads The News is a geocaching guide. Find yourself following those Illuminated Paths. Become one with your heart beat. Feel all negative energy subside. That feel when GET LOOSE EP helped your yesterday, and it’s still playable today, and tomorrow, and streaming below via Illuminated Paths:

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