♫♪   Public Spreads The News - “Sarah Connor”

Matching the pace of her sturdy run, Public Spreads The News homages non-stop characterization of “Sarah Connor” with beats that are subtle, but relentless, a melody with bad-ass intent, and a sunset guitar that echos across the LA-scape. There’s no giving up when the future is on the line, and if nothing even happened yet, don’t act like it. The one who crosses paths with “Sarah Connor” will rue the day of action. Cut up and done in, there’s only one matter of fact: justice. Whether or not it’s a reality yet, everything goes viral for the sake of perpetual commodity. And Public Spreads The News takes the “Sarah Connor” theme into level-up status.

“Coming this fall to Illuminated Paths” is all listeners get. But in the mean time, scope Newport Pleasure!. It’s totally a drag in the right direction.

• Public Spreads The News: https://soundcloud.com/publicspreadsthenews
• Illuminated Paths: https://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com

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