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Oh, take us back to them early morning lingering days where knowledge was at a way lesser extent — and much more peaceful — than now. Looking up from the floor around 6AM. Sun peaking through the curtains. Nobody has awoke yet, but you’ve done about 20 or so (you can’t count) pictures wielding a box-set of crayons; there’s colored wax shavings everywhere that’ll melt once the blinds are drawn-up. Pop left a tape in the player that a co-worker gave him, and it reads public spreads the news (you can’t read). You do know how to play a tape in the player, though. That shit is for DAMN sure. Guess what? That morning became EXACT and right fucking now just leveled up into something SO much better.

Have you been waiting for that post-vaporwave album Ducktails never did? Welp, public spreads the news has your back with curtains. And I ain’t glaring with this assumption. Shit, this release just stopped me from going HAM downloading from Zyklon Coven on YouTube. More importantly, public spreads the news just brought back a plethora of smells I remember from my childhood: being outside at the beginning of summer smelling hose water, them black-magic markers my pop’s office stored in their closet, the middle-school basement, inside echo tunnel at the end of the creek, and various other settings that appear creepy, but ALL way good intentions.

public spreads the news has the intentions of an angel in curtains, streaming below:

• public spreads the news: http://publicspreadsthenews.bandcamp.com

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