♫♪  Pulse Emitter - “Cold Sun 3”

Another sad and solitary moment of your life, another new Pulse Emitter tape to elevate that moment into heavenly synth bliss at the click of a button. This time around, Sacred Phrases has the honor of conveying the latticed electronic mosaics swirling through Daryl Groetsch’s head to his adoring public in the form of a cassette titled, quite appropriately, Euphoria.

“Cold Sun 3,” a sample taste of Euphoria’s +50 minute program, unfolds in stuttering synth sequences that adorn the edges of the stereophonic spread, fusing across the center into a single naturally delayed melodic phrase capable of tumbling and turning onto itself eternally. Groetsch pits these transfixing lead voices against a smeared backdrop of chordal pads, which evolves into new harmonic configurations at a languid pace over momentary surges of bass. As ever, Groetsch insists that none of these elements remain static, that each voice has something new to say in relation to the shifting grid of the other voices. The resultant composition showcases the unpredictable intersections of his independent synth systems as it coasts over the steady rhythm that tethers each element together via MIDI and sequencing hardware.

You can order Euphoria now.

• Pulse Emitter: http://synthnoise.com
• Sacred Phrases: http://www.sacredphrases.com

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