♫♪  QT - “Hey QT Remix” [co prod. Ghibli & Max Piff]

It seems appropriate that Max Piff and Ghibli’s remix of QT’s song to advertise an energy drink has some croony, white boy vocals (and quasi rap!) added on top of it; this version is as syrupy as the original is Airheads candy sweet. It’s a simple edit, but it Americanizes the track with its soulful additions. But does it actually speak to a North American audience? Or is it just pretending to speak to us like advertising? Either way, I’d rather have QT advertised to me than Tide or Bounty or Chips Ahoy. What does it say to have Manicure Records boss Ghibli co-produce the track? Does that make it more legitimate? Does the fact that Ghibli is Canadian complicate things? Will “Hey QT” have longevity? Are we going to hear a remix from every single genre in the next ten years? Only time will tell.

• QT: http://drinkqt.com
• Max Piff: https://soundcloud.com/maxpiff
• Ghibli: https://soundcloud.com/gh1bl1

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