unknown (PC Music Month of Mayhem #7)

As we reported   5   day(s) ago, PC Music will be releasing something new every day for the month of May. Today, for “Month of Mayhem” release #  7  , we get a new [song/video/album/EP/mix/other] from   ?? (Maybe Lil Data? Maybe Life Sim? Maybe someone else??)   titled   ∂ (though, that’s probably just the YouTub video title)  . It’s a really   cinematic   and   gorgeous 30-minute   [song/video/album/EP/mix/other]. A person on social media said   “holy fuck this is amazing is this lil data i love thsis so much im in a post-myspace vortex”  !

  ∂   follows   ?? (Maybe Lil Data? Maybe Life Sim? Maybe someone else??)  ’s last release, which was   BOY, PC MUSIC IS MAKING THIS FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS THING VERY DIFFICULT  . That one was very   SEE WHAT I MEAN   too, but also   SIGH… but I love it. :)  .

Experience   ∂   by   ?? (Maybe Lil Data? Maybe Life Sim? Maybe someone else??)   [above/below], check out the previous Month of Mayhem release right here, and don’t forget to   download the ZIP of this beautiful “other” right now, which UPDATE: appears to be something related to QT. More soon I’m sure…  .

See you tomorrow!

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