♫♪  Radiohead - “I Promise”

UPDATE (6/2): Radiohead have shared a new video for “I Promise.” Watch it below.

As we reported last month, Radiohead are releasing a 20th-anniversary edition of OK Computer titled OKNOTOK, which includes, among many other things, 11 rare tracks, three of which are unreleased. Today, Radiohead are sharing one of those unreleased tracks. Titled “I Promise,” the song is probably the least known of the three (“Lift” and “Man of War” being the other two), but live versions have been floating around for a couple decades now.

Spoiler: it’s more Bends-era Radiohead than OK Computer-era Radiohead, but hey, I’m excited for this studio version. It was premiered exclusively through Thom Yorke’s favorite website, Tiny Mix Tapes on BBC Radio 6 Music via Steve Lamacq’s “6 Music Recommends.” But… like, Steve Lamacq? Really? I’m pretty sure I could out-fan Lamacq. Does he even know that Jonny and Colin are related? Or that most of the group is originally from Oxfordshire? Or that Phil ate a cold breakfast burrito this morning and wept about it under the covers??

Anyway, look for OKNOTOK on June 23, read an interview Radiohead did with Rolling Stone here, and listen to “I Promise” here.

You win this time, Steve Lamacq. I hate you.

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