♫♪  Rambutan - Swerve Through Time

Yo Rambutan — you at it. Whatcha doin’, unscrewing those pickups or something and letting it ride? That’s the spirit, homes, don’t let anybody tell you how to play nothin’. You just plug in your gear and take it apart.1

I got this great idea — ready? Stretch those strings tight and hit record, and then cut ’em with a wire cutter while you try to play.

What are all those electronics — synthesizers, effects? Awesome, play me some tones. Yeah, that’s it. Drones for days, yo. Hey, you ever put nacho cheese in the circuits? Aw, why not? Hey, you should get some nacho cheese — then you should pour it in the circuits.

I was watching that science channel the other day man, and guess what the coolest thing is? Magnets! Yeah, dude, industrial-strength magnets, the ones that’ll erase your computer’s hard drive. Why don’t you get one and run it over your rig? I bet your guitar’ll freak out.

Oh I gotcha, you’re gonna play something nice, a little prettier. Yeah, I guess there’s only so much you can deconstruct before there’s nothin’ left. I feel you. This sounds great, man, it really does.

\NULL|ZONE// is where it’s at.

1. I’ve got some really bad ideas here, idiotic suggestions of what Eric Hardiman is doing as Rambutan on this release. Don’t mimic any of them if you don’t want to ruin your expensive equipment.

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