♫♪  Ras G - “GMO Hoes” & “Agaveman”

It’s news to me that I’ve never covered Ras G. Is this real? Or maybe I’m just terrible at searching Google? Anyhow, Ras G been making beats for WAY longer that a minute, and has been on a slew of labels: Poo-Bah, Leaving, Brainfeeder, Hit+Run, disques corde, [it goes on]. Last year, he dropped a heavy tape on Leaving Records Raw Fruit Vol. 1, and followed it up earlier this year with Vol. 2. Now, I’m sure the outer-worldly prophet is in the works with plenty other releases, vinyls, spins, and switches, but Ras G just got both volumes of Raw Fruit released on double LP by Stones Throw Records. And not to stay the long-overdue obvious, but what a fitting title for the freshest to natural sweetness. Scope out two tracks from the tapes below, and head to Stones Throw Records ASAP for your double copy today!

• Ras G: http://afrikanspaceprogram.tumblr.com
• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com
• Stone’s Throw Records: http://www.stonesthrow.com

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