♫♪  Ray Phaze Tropic - Afrowigwam

Remembering isn’t all that important. The actual experience is what matters. Feeling the thick air, full of humidity and heat, stepping over puddles and pools of mud and muck, handling leaves in your cut hands, gripping them for support and guidance. This is where it’s at. The actuality of the instance. Not the retelling. Not the remembrance. The “right now”.

So, I could tell you about Ray Phaze Tropic’s Afrowigwam, how it’s a cut-and-paste dreamland, soaking in synth goo and laidback rhythmic repetition. How at times it sounds as if you’re aboard an ancient spaceship, hovering over fresh vegetation and growing life, blinking between phrase changes and fuel replenishment. But listening to the album is so much more than those words. That’s right, I just admitted I’m obsolete. See for yourself below.

Ray Phaze Tropic: https://soundcloud.com/rayphazetropic
Big Ear Tapes: http://bigeartapes.com

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