♫♪  rbchmbrs - “Clout 9 / Shooters”

This place really is a wasteland. The shin guards your uncle’s nosy fiancée (the third one) sent you for your birthday left you with a slab of dermatitis that started itching only after your kickboxing lesson package expired. Your noseless RA (the cute one) found your roommate’s sploof and claims to smell your bud problem in your “croaky, Scarlett Johansson-esque voice” as if leaving the “logistical” texts you sent on read wasn’t emasculating enough. Your boss wrote you a crappy evaluation and now you’re bed-ridden riding to The Fairview for bed and breakfast fancying, “maybe shit’s better off as a beetle?” The rented lentil soup just ain’t hitting and since you still don’t know what in the fuck a legume is, you pop in that new rbchmbrs thrwwy nd wndr, “m tkng mslf t srsl?”

Lug on and stream the new rbchmbrs single here while it lasts, but please, don’t compare him to rappers.

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