♫♪  Rob Chambers - Good Night Nurse EP

If these walls could talk, they’d warn you that the VCR just achieved sentience, and then they’d explode in beams of red-dotted thermal imaging, their color patterns getting tracking-dialed out of existence. Rob ChambersGood Night Nurse EP video, visualized by oldneon, is to a conventional beat tape what an Iron Curtain-era Romanian bootleg VHS of Universal Soldier is to Universal Soldier. Which is to say: way better, more interesting on multiple levels and now virtually impossible to find. What few copies didn’t sell have long since been hunted down and “destroyed” by the government, meaning there’s probably a fetishistic old fart of a federal agent huddled over a Magnavox set in a basement somewhere in suburban Maryland right now, hard-sweating the 10 minutes of tape not available on YouTube. Albums were generically called CDs for a while, so believe it or not, there are still those who refer to all films as tapes. This is a movie.

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