♫♪  Rene Hell - “Meta Concrete”

I can’t really imagine a greater combination than that of Rene Hell and Oneohtrix Point Never (in terms of split LPs, of course, because we all know chocolate and peanut butter is the greatest of all combinations). The two artists may seem to be very similar in the big picture of music as a whole, but when zoomed in, the musicians may be seen as perfect opposites — sort of the yin-yang of current experimental electronic music. While OPN might represent some of the most interesting cutting-edge, sample-driven, slightly-beat-oriented-but-not-really-dance-music side of things, we can see Rene Hell at the other side as part of a more classical, musique-concrète, compositional school of electronic music. However, by the end of the record, you may not even know what music is at all.

Speaking of concrete, you can hear “Meta Concrete,” the first part of Hell’s side titled In 1980 I Was A Blue Square. It will be released on September 18 by NNA Tapes.

• NNA: http://nnatapes.com/available-releases/oneohtrix-point-never-rene-hell-s…

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