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There’s an new window in one of Ricky Eat Acid’s many rooms. Sam Ray, the dude behind RAE, Teen Suicide, Julia Brown, Starry Cat, et al. premiered his new mixtape, simply titled Mixtape, through VICE on Thursday and it’s breezy, y’all. Based anywhere between Baltimore and Brooklyn, Ray’s Ricky Eat Acid project has taken different forms since it’s conception and 2014 saw a lot of them. Three Love Songs and Sun Over Hills both kill and are like neighbors who talk a little and run in their own circles, but one could trust the other to watch their dog and grab the mail.

Mixtape could fit in either circle, but (forgetting the neighbor metaphor) holds a closer flame to an album like The Lemon of Pink. The fragmenting, vibrating autodidacticism of the two stretch well past any framework of basic contemporary collage like overgrown ivy on red brick – layered, digging in, holding it’s own. Both exhibit humor too. The Books used what might be best described as slurred speech (“Explanation Mark,” “That Right Ain’t Shit”). Ray’s Ricky Eat Acid uses the surreal like “Snowden’s McDonalds” (samples of 2 Chainz’s chorus from his and Big Sean’s “K.O.”), and the everyday like “Town & Country” and “Skate 2 on Xbox 360” (note: Skate 2 is great).

Time is faded af.

• Ricky Eat Acid: https://rickyeatacid.bandcamp.com
• Ricky Eat Acid: https://soundcloud.com/rickyeatacid

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