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The Deconstruction Tone

It helps to use five or six alarms to wake me up every morning. But between 7:15 and 7:30 AM, I feel stuck in this haze of, “When is my alarm going to ring? What’s on my list before I leave? How’s will work be today? Why am I stressing out and not sleeping?” And as I deconstructed my sleep this morning, I awoke to the crooked smile that is “D.W. Sir” off Rob Magill’s newest joint The Deconstruction Tone. So heavy in its short burst of joyful repetition, it took me more effort to lift my eyes than my body from bed. Yet, the rest of the album is pretty much that same “almost awake enough to open my eyes” mood, in a variety of ways. Below is (less a description and more of) a mini-mythos of The Deconstruction Tone sent to me from Rob himself.

The Deconstruction Tone was recorded in Ojai, Calif. “The Piano Held Your Hand” was recorded at Ted McCormick’s house on his family piano while his grandmother was getting a foot massage in the next room. Dan Masiel recorded it on his two track tape recorder, in one afternoon. “The Fail to Feel You” was recorded at my grandmother’s house at 1 a.m. Dan Masiel also recorded it and playing second guitar. “The Monks are in The Blinds,” “Love is Fine,” “In The Sake of Freedom also know as Loneliness,” and “The World Touches Too Hard” were all recorded in one session. “The Stones of the Night” was recorded outside in one Ojai day at noon all in one take by Nick Ali, and his wife Fanny Penny sang.

The Deconstruction Tone is on Bandcamp right now, but for the love of Rob, someone pimp this music already: Cabin Floor Esoterica, Paw Tracks, Drag City, Woodsist, c’mon!

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