♫♪  SADAF - “Man Of Me”

Of who I’m familiar with on the musician roster of HOSS Records, SADAF seems like a really unusual choice for the line up… AT FIRST. Using “Man Of Me” as an example, SADAF’s style of product follows that same broken-pop sound HOSS musicians continue to produce, but in a much more refined and HD way. And then listening to the lyrics being repeated in my skull, involving gender parallels, melting brains (RE: “honey…”), social blindness, etc. As well as generally scattered lyrical progressions and combatant melodies and rhythms, ensnaring a desirable sensation to move; “Man Of Me” is no doubt the tune you’d find in that (fairly PG) wearhouse chill-zone after-party with stark-halogen lighting being shade and there’s a bunch of fancy furniture that’s been reupholstered. Pop and soda is abound for sure, and maybe a bit of water, but it’s all just lax’d. Maybe that club comedown. At least you ain’t in the street.

“Man Of Me” is the follow up DIGI SINGLE on HOSS Records’ last year SADAF track, “C.F.C.” Dig into the frenzy:

• SADAF: http://www.sadafhnava.com
• HOSS Records: http://hossrecords.com

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