Sage Caswell/Nackt
“Take A Day Call Back Later” / “Rising Tide”

It’s crazy to think Sunset Silk came out more than a year and a half ago. Feels like that’s been a back-up banger every time I’ve needed a back-up banger, which feels like a weekly appeal. And although the L.A. house label 100% Silk saw it’s fair share of ups and downs 2016, nobody ever said not to bring in the new year with heavy party. Kick into 2017 like Sensate Silk is the most passionate party you ever entered.

Below is a two-track teaser by Sage Caswell & Nackt. Sage Caswell’s “Take A Day Call Back Later” soars through a climactic mountain of sweat that keeps on building until you actually hit redail and the other end answers. “Rising Tide” provides a steady melody throughout that harmonizes with the drums in almost duet form.

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