♫♪  SAINT PEPSI - Empire Building

Shimmering in billboards, tiles, and pop-ups: SAINT PEPSI. Bling defined by the pearliest of whites. Dancing shoes flashing across the floor in steps that blend beyond visual smear, and stroke an image of streak on streak in sync with each beat. Beat after dime after dollar hailing into an infinity of currency from what? What is being sold here? Bring on the Empire Building. Hi: this here. Attention: products and people. AD: this is an advert about an advertisement. If there were bad press about it, SAINT PEPSI would come out on top. Like hitting a wall and gaining speed. And glasses as glaring as the color of oil in water. So, you take that, yeah? You bought it and it’ll be insignificant in months. WEEKS! Wait. You wait. Is Empire Building enough for you? Oh. Who am I talking to? What are they selling? Life. Background. A world? Let SAINT PEPSI sell you the world through Empire Building. You’ll find it has been there all along.

• SAINT PEPSI: http://saintpepsi.bandcamp.com
• fortune 500: http://fortune500.bandcamp.com

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