♫♪  Sangam - Suppose To Be​.​.​.

There’s no reason Geordi should go into a situation like that, but he always is getting into those sorts of circumstances. Like, no way should Geordi be on another star-cruiser unguarded; send Worf with him, you know? Give a brother back up! Is it FEAR that the two white leaders of this vessel must send over the black dude for repair. Unattended. We ALL know what happens on STAR TREK (of all places) to black people who are in the show before its first commercial break. And if they still living, they’re like “Ok, see: what happened was….” then nobody believes him. Is it expectation of the unexpected? Because we all die, but letting lose the foot-soldier a mile away from combat, then releasing arrows on the battle of mixed troops just because it’s taking too long isn’t a humane way of going about anything. Most of Earth’s dirt consists of previous life-form remains. Most of any planet, right? Fucking gravity!

While on the topic of future and heavy shit, Sangam dropped a new release entitled Suppose To Be​.​.​. on Crystaltone recently, and it’s high-time TMT shared it. Enjoy the freeze of fiction science has severed:

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