♫♪  Sarah Louise - “Filed Guide”

Words aren’t as meaningful as we’d like. Music can say more than any forced conversation ever could; and yes, this is a well-worn cliche, tossed around by so many lazy music journalist (cough…), but what often gets forgotten is that cliches are rooted in truth.

Sarah Louise’s music is truthful, even if her real last name is Henson, not Louise. Despite her dishonest stage name (lol), her 12-string compositions have much to say, placing contemplation in the front of the brain and letting thoughts slide back and forth like a silver slinky in the hands of a bedridden patient. When needed, her fingers move quickly on “Field Guide”, picking up the pace of the wordless conversation, then slow to a moody lull just the same. Lush, rural landscapes are brought to mind. So is happiness.

“Field Guide” is the title track off of Sarah Louise’s new cassette for Scissor Tail Records, out on February 28th. You can pre-order the tape here.

• Sarah Louise: https://sarahlouise.bandcamp.com
• Scissor Tail Records: http://www.scissortailrecords.com

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