♫♪  Sarah Louise - VDSQ Acoustic Series Volume 12

Sometimes, not even visiting all the botanical gardens this city beholds — or even just gardening yourself — doesn’t completely satiate one’s desire to relax. That crisp, photosynthesis in the air. Pollen sneezes. Green thumbs. Dirty feet. What could make it better? Growing out of the deep discography of Vin Du Select Qualitite Records blooms Asheville guitarist, Sarah Louise’s sophomore releases entitled, VDSQ Acoustic Series Volume 12. As an “instrumental based label run by Steve Lowenthal with a focus on guitar based music,” Sarah Louise 12-strings her way into complete listener bliss, gliding notes within and throughout hollow wood from metal-strung plucks so delicate it’s as if the sounds were clouds. In its entirety, VDSQ Acoustic Series Volume 12 weaves pathways toward the mysteries and secrets that are only discovered within one’s mind, opening buds on nodes that flourish with height and delight. Allowing listeners to find the calm in such furiously beautiful skill, Sarah Louise’s talent defines modern guitar master-work, and is now in the Usual Suspects line up as a label mate with Tashi Dorji, Dan Melchior, Alan Licht, Glenn Jones, Bill Orcutt, Sir Richard Bishop, Thurston Moore, Mark McGuire, and many more!

Sarah Louise’s VDSQ Acoustic Series Volume 12 is out and ships on vinyl today from Vin Du Select Qualitite Records, and is streaming below (while you wait to spin it) thanks to your pals here at Tiny Mix Tapes. Feel the honor:

[The stream is no longer available.]

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