♫♪  Satoshi Nakamoto - NYPD Records Volume 2: Satoshi Nakamoto’s dOPENet

Not too sure who Satoshi Nakamoto is in relation to Beat Detectives, but the newest NYPD Records Volume 2: Satoshi Nakamoto’s dOPENet tape got BEAT DETECTIVES scrawled across the bottom of the j-card art, and Satoshi Nakamoto’s dOPENet might [just-just] might be my newest obsession. Beat Detectives is completely flawless in atmosphere. Like, there is NO GOD in the face of gaze. Looking out along smiling sunset. Crystal skull palm trees. A fair warning. Crying wolf in the past, present and future in front of the three monkeys that do a third less than the other monkey before it. In a room: Shakespeare years from now and never really spelling the authors’ name correctly, like.

dOPENet is deep space. It’s FINALLY darkmatter. An all encompassing world of beat-tape, PG-noise, house-music ambient, ital-dub, and magi. Satoshi Nakamoto has a whole new vision prepared on NYPD Records. There’s no limit to your nod:

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