♫♪  Schwarz - “The Official Schwarz Sample Pack”

Baltimore producer/DJ Schwarz is equal parts high energy hype man and motivational speaker. His Thunderzone trilogy, including the 2k13 anthem “U R Beautiful,” lifted me out of some dark places. The Schwarz persona, which at first seems like a complete joke, becomes all the more endearing when you realize that all of this is dead serious. Schwarz is making positive club anthems to which the ravers, the weirdos, and, dare I say, the entire world can lose their minds.

Thunderzone just unleashed the “Schwarz Sample Pack,” which includes all of the man’s “catch phrases” that you’ve heard in his songs, mixes, and live sets, all collected in one place for the first time. Juiceboxxx writes that the pack is good “for all your club music and prank call needs,” so sift through these twenty-four samples. I’ve embedded my favorite below, and you can DL the whole thing, for whatever amount you want, right here.

• Schwarz: https://soundcloud.com/schwarz420
• Thunderzone: http://enterthethunderzone.com

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