♫♪  Schwarz - “TOP 40 BOOTLEGS (2009-2014)”

Baltimore’s DJ Schwarz is a personal hero of mine. In addition to the three life-affirming anthems (which includes “Open Up Yr Mind”) he put out on Thunderzone this past year, Schwarz rolls out tons of club ready remixes (which I usually jam at work at 4PM on a Wednesday). He goes all over with his mixes, from Brandy to the Dream to Sixpence None the Richer. He brings a super positive outlook to everything he works on, and that’s what had me hooked on his music. Recently, he has been gracious enough to put those remixes all in one place. “Top 40 Bootlegs (2009-2014)” is a mighty collection, and you can go HERE to stream and download the whole thing, or just your favorite tracks, all free of charge. Below you can hear Schwarz’s promo spot for the collection, which is probably the most essential PR I’ve ever come across. My personal favorite is his twerk mix of Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn,” but there are so many here for you to get into, so you might as well DL the whole thing.

• Schwarz: https://soundcloud.com/schwarz420

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