♫♪  Sculpture - “Toad Blinker”

Listen to that post-Skaters, delay-pedal swollen, HI-fi jamming programed in on “Toad Blinker.” Sculpture ain’t messing ‘round #legit. Secret is, I hate listening to any music I’d post on Chocolate Grinder in my car. Well, that’s not true. Fuck off, I’m a liar; it’s human @animalscan’tlie. Straight up car-talk, T.I. gotta stop with them remixes. I get it, DJ Envy was all like, “Yeah, I can hook you up, T.I. You got that scrill?” T.I. handed him all his prison savings, and now he feat. in joints MADE by Future and 2 Chainz, and *shudder* “Niggas in Paris.” Trap Muzik is better left with Trap-A-Holics. And if T.I. pulls his $$voodoo$$ on my boi Tyga… ‘_’ The LIE is a nightmare and the only lasting music on radio is rap. My consumption of rap is just as carnivorous as it is with all this “cassette-culture” fodder.

Yo, but what if all this were it? It’s clear we’ve been abandoned. Specifically, because we created the idea, word, and mindset (individually and as mank-ind) of being “abandoned.” Maybe it’s luck we’re not involved with everything else in the universe. If we avoid everything else in space, that means we can’t be FUCKING LEECHED by some T.I. sort of being. That’s that fucking real shit, too. Real as in being in front of you and you consuming it. Sculpture’s new Toad Blinker LP on Dekorder is best left for bedroom listens. It’s easy and includes a picture-disc or whatever.

• Dekorder: http://www.dekorder.com
• Sculpture: http://tapebox.co.uk

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