Sculpture release Nearest Neighbour, a new cassette/graphic novel that doesn’t require multitasking

Sculpture release Nearest Neighbour, a new cassette/graphic novel that doesn't require multitasking

It’s been a minute since Sculpture inaugurated their Tapebox label with a reminder of how cool (ooh, pretty colors!) picture discs can look, and now the London-based “opto-musical agglomerate” are at it again with something new on which we can frothily feast our eyes and ears. Their inaugural picture disc was followed by a couple of additional releases on Tapebox, and Sculpture also had a stint with Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software label before Daniel Lopatin tragically decided to shutter things without needed (for the well-being of our emotional state) elaboration. Some pretty cool artwork and music videos accompanied the release of Membrane Pop back in 2014, thanks to Reuben Sutherland’s efforts. Dan Hayhurst then released his debut album without his visual complement back in 2016. Is re-fusing artistic minds as easy as it sounds, or was a human version of the fusion dance necessary before things got smoothly rolling again?

REGARDLESS: the result seems to be the same. Nearest Neighbour was just released via Tapebox, and it includes a cassette of 23 glictchy electronic tracks, plus a wordless graphic novel designed by Sutherland. There’s no obvious sign of what the graphic novel entails, plot-wise, but one can naturally assume that it makes the CGI in Infinity War look like crap by comparison. Hayhurst’s work from an aural standpoint sounds like a controlled chaos that heads will easily appreciate.

Check a trailer for the release below, and buy it here.

Nearest Neighbour tracklisting:

01. Deprogramming
02. It’s The Most
03. The Department Episode 31
04. Viscous Outrun
05. Wavefront
06. Recursion City
07. Nite Flite
08. Artificial Artificial the Flowers are Artificial
09. The Polymer Kid
10. Crisp Void
11. Bubble Sort Tournament
12. Harmonic Reintegration
13. Club Interior, Beings
14. Flat Battery
15. Channel
16. Video Funk
17. Nest of Rockworms
18. Regenerative Habits
19. Mossy Gripers
20. Onuphrius
21. Radiator Rune
22. Ruined VIP Tour
23. The Department Episode 33

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