♫♪  Sean McCann, Matthew Sullivan, & Alex Twomey - Charlotte’s Office [excerpt]

McCann, Sullivan, and Twomey came together as trio last year for a self-released and now sold out cassette The Bird. The glue that binds them has set and stuck so they are releasing another called Charlotte’s Office.

Something about the sample they have shared dually refuses to totally exist or ever let me go. I listen and do not remember. So an eternal return. An exercise in tension and restraint, discipline, unresolved disciplism. I feel unable to trigger definitions, which may be why I’m so attracted to understanding what they have made.

But there are still mazes of patterned images: muted carpets, worn-down past pilling; stacks of paper, simple and harsh; big boxy creamy plastic machines, lacking components, needing care. Floors sparsely furnished and abandoned. It’s here where I imagine them recording and performing with an ear to the ambient impressions of this, even imagined, space. An attitude of preservation comes out in the lightness with which they approach their material. Hushed, as in a museum, or a memorial, I move through these sounds with my head down.

I will eagerly wait to hear the rest. Unclear when this is to be released so keep an eye on Sullivan’s Twitter for the announcement.

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