Let’s meet today’s eligible bachelorettes! Three upcoming new LPs from Sean McCann’s Recital

Let's meet today's eligible bachelorettes! Three upcoming new LPs from Sean McCann's Recital

You may not believe it yet, but behind one of these three doors is the love of your life! Each door will open to a brand new album to be released this summer on Sean McCann’s Recital Program. Though they may all be beautiful, all may be released on June 7, and all may be limited editions of only 200 or 250 copies; only ONE of them will be “the one” for you. So, step right up and get ready for love! Let’s meet these three lovely ladies!

Bachelorette Number One is the first release from Albert Ayler’s violinist since the 1960s! A collection of 17th-century works of the Italian Barouqe, this record finds Michel Samson performing with his wife, Rebecca Samson, who plays what is believed to be the only existing replica of the rare, bizarre 15th-century claviorganum. This is one romantic dreamer, with nothing more than a “one true love” at its heart! Give it up for The Claviorganum & The Violin by Michel Samson & Rebecca Samson!

The Claviorganum & The Violin by Michel Samson & Rebecca Samson

Bachelorette number two is a clever, vague, and overall scheming little thing. This keyboardist’s first encounter with McCann — when McCann saw him perform in 2010 — was described as “a thick ocean of chords, a penetrating grace that I can still recall.” WOWIE ZOWIE! That’s some hot stuff! This is a record that will spin you around, leave you breathless, and then kick you to the curb! Get those engines revving for The Entertainer by Alex Twomey!

The Entertainer by Alex Twomey
The Entertainer by Alex Twomey

Finally, Bachelorette Number Three is the perfect fit if you prefer a day of reading by your windowsill instead of a night out on the town. This collection of recordings from 1974-1981 finds an all-American poet, visual artist, and vocalist melding together and bridging between both observational recordings of the artist’s loft and intimate multichannel solo voice works. Don’t let the outside fool you! This wonderful catch is full of dense and deep wonders. Let me hear it for Gatherings by Anne Tardos!

Gatherings by Anne Tardos
Gatherings by Anne Tardos

So, my friend, what’ll it be? Do you prefer the swoon-y, wishy-washy loveboat of The Claviorganum & The Violin? The wild-hearted scandal of The Entertainer? Or perhaps the bookish enrapturer, Gatherings? What’ll it be!? True love doesn’t wait, my friend! Pick now! Any door! Just say the number! Or head on over here and pre-order whichever you’d like! After all: it’s not like you can choose ALL THREE! (Or can you???)

The Claviorganum & The Violin by Michel Samson & Rebecca Samson tracklisting:

01. “Vestiva i Colli” del Palestrina (Rognoni)
02. Sonata Quarta, Op. 8 (Marini)
03. Sonata Seconda 1631 (Fontana)
04. Sonata Seconda, “La Cesta” (Mealli)
05. Toccata per Spinettina e Violino (Frescobaldi)
06. Sonata Duodecima, Op. 16 (Leonarda)

The Entertainer by Alex Twomey tracklisting:

01. Red Zone
02. Pig Symphony
03. Fun in Vegas
04. Just Drinking
05. Work Xmas Party
06. Job’s Over
07. Velvet on Foam
08. Driving Home
09. Maybe Late
10. Family Wood
11. Young Musician

Gatherings by Anne Tardos tracklisting:

01. Refrigerator Defrosting
02. Seven-Layer Song
03. Voices from Video
04. Pipes at 110 Mercer, November 1974
05. Real Sleeper, Real Dreamer

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