♫♪  Sefff - Coats

As a person who writes about music, there are certain words my person mind avoids. Which ones? Well, certain words like tropical, breezy, warm, sunny, chill, beach, vibe… You get the jist.

While these certain words can be indicative of a mood or representative of a theme within a piece of music, these certain words often seem lazy and have a certain overused nature about them. In fact, I’m certain you readers are as sick of reading those certain overused words as much as I am of writing them. So, here’s to moving past those certain letter-based lay-ups and breaking some new ground with some new words!

Speaking of breaking things, get ready to break out your swimsuit, ‘cause Sefff’s new collage/beat tape on SickONasty is like a chill day spent vibing on a warm, tropical beach. It’s breezy. It’s sunny. And it’s called Coats… for some reason. Might be like coats of paint? You know, layers? Has to be right, right? I’m certain it’s not Coats as in a jacket, because you certainly don’t need one for this sunny, chill-ass tropical tape featuring warm beach vibes. A coat would be downright wrong to wear while you listen to this breezy affair!

Cop the cassette from SickONasty and stream the entire thing below.

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