♫♪  Seth Kasselman - Leaves From Istros

With the reflection of a well-rubbed prayer bowl, Seth Kasselman (a.k.a. one-third of Warm Climate) traverses the unexplored ground of self by-way of focusing listeners mentality. In Leaves From Istros, he draws from his electronic skill set by producing multiply-layered found-sound samples into an awry of descriptive sound imagination. Through his ability to just MAKE music — having already proven he’s acquired multiple sets of skills through Warm Climate, amongst other endeavors — listeners a BOUND to witness in their subconscious mind, the atmosphere of the Greek colony, Istros, during Autumn.

Now, Leaves From Istros isn’t entirely sample drive, as I can hear a bunch of feedback in here, but super subtly. More like that shimmer of non-reality you get everywhere, well Seth Kasselman is ripping this one from the mind-depths of sixth century AD. Then the reeded instrument slips in, and now it’s a street fare, selling the finest of Greek culture and future anthropology, climaxing into a jam of drums and drone, fading to side-B, lacquered with tired and warped animal groans into town-square. Eventually the flute and didgeridoo (?) ring out into the soaring (again) with a reeded wood-wind; Seth Kasselman just refined modern folk. When you realize he’s blending drone with found-sound and elements of practiced and skilled instrumentation, the talent and vision here becomes vast.

Listen to the new Mmm-Sounds’ Seth Kasselman tape Leaves From Istros below, and believe you became from a world before this one:

Part One:

Part Two:

• Seth Kasselman: https://soundcloud.com/ur-sounds
• Mmm-Sounds: http://www.mmm-sound.com

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