M. Geddes Gengras to release new album “Interior Architecture”

M. Geddes Gengras to release new album "Interior Architecture"

“At its best it should feel like sinking into really warm quicksand or dying of hypothermia.”

That’s how M. Geddes Gengras has described his forthcoming album Interior Architecture. If sinking in quicksand or dying of hypothermia isn’t your bag, then rest assured that Interior Architecture is actually a solid, squiggly synth album that any self-respecting MGG fan has come to know and expect from the electronic music maverick.

Interior Architecture is four epic tracks spread over two discs of vinyl that Gengras has whittled down from six years of his sonic explorations across a variety of exotic (California, The Netherlands) and not-so-exotic (Connecticut) locations. Side three even features Seth Kasselman tooting his clarinet throughout. Huzzah!

You can drown in figurative quicksand or die of hypothetical hypothermia yourself when Intercoastal Artists releases Interior Architecture on July 29. Check out a preview here:

Interior Architecture tracklist:

Side A: wings>caroms>fountain>worm suite pt1
Side B: third column>pressure reverie>the structure>worm suite pt 2
Side C: extension>breath(feat. Seth Kasselman)>worm suite pt 3
Side D: shard>all bridges burnt>dawn terrapin

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