♫♪  Severed+Said - “Transcendence Device”

Unless I have to get up extra early for work, I’m not much of a late night guy. Sure, in college I pulled a few “all-nighters” with the crew, but in my heart of hearts I know I like to hit the hay early to get on my grind at a decent hour. I am very aware that others operate on the opposite schedule, and as Florida musician Severed+Said puts it, “At night, sounds really come alive.” That was from a 2018 interview he did with TMT, and one listen to his atmospheric, dungeon synth jams will put you right in that late night, driving deserted city highways vibe.

His latest tune, “Transcendence Device,” released as a one off single in August, picks up where his last album, Incorporeality, left off: slow build synth loops and brooding textures and moods over six and a half minutes. When I hit play, I’m throwing on the shades and speeding off into the night (but not for too long ‘cuz I gotta get a solid 8 hours of sack time if I’m going to be productive at work tomorrow). The track is available as a name your price download from the S+S Bandcamp.

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