♫♪  Severed+Said - “Unknown Error”

Remember that Severed+Said single a few months back. Well, the sound-stretch guru is back at it with the video for “Unknown Error.” Off the new release Pyrrhic Fortunes on Popnihil Records and DeadTank Records, Severed+Said rips in LIVE and RAW, shot and directed by Zane Hall, backed by projections from PhantomPhoto (the fellah who directed this), “Unknown Error” shreds a level of telepathy that sears into all minds like peering into a deity’s spinal fluid. A voyeur’s paradise view of the scummiest apartment complex, leaving no blinds drawn. Severed+Said isn’t a gossip, no. Severed+Said is the devil’s index finger beckoning listeners into a pit of evil, and pointing in the direction of pure mayhem. For healing purposes, for course. And what occurs is “Unknown Error” on Pyrrhic Fortunes this Thursday, July 14 on Popnihil Records and DeadTank Records.

Predictability is for the radio, so fuck the soulless and enter the real:

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