♫♪  Shisa - “Coffee Every Morning”

Shisa is constantly producing throughout this world he considers Post Life. It’s refreshing to see exercise and dedication this forward and presentable and continuous. Feels like there’s ALWAYS something to look forward to on the weekly. Pop a track on/off TUBE OFFLINE, load that sucker on my thumb-drive, and I’m listening, going about 80 every AM. Nothing changes. Got blasted high the night before. But there’s always something to look forward to: “Coffee Every Morning.”

For the past few years, I’ve been making my coffee at work. Like, I have this simple device that goes above my Styrofoam cup, pop a filter in the device, pop grounds in filter, pop hot water from the cooler we got here atop the grounds and BOOM, “Coffee Every Morning.” Yesterday I had five of the strongest cups in my life. Thus, I’m really feeling what Shisa is putting down here. And if routine ain’t your thing, slave yourself to the beat a bit more in life, and find out the true nature of what this Post Life is all about. ‘Cause you can fuck up all angles and matters, but Shisa got one things straight: creating a ritual within two minutes and 30 seconds feels like a forever loop of having “Coffee Every Morning.”

Feel the surge of sound below and find more work from Shisa on his SoundCloud link below:

• Shisa: https://soundcloud.com/shisa412
• Post Life: http://postlife.bandcamp.com
• Post Life: https://soundcloud.com/postlifedigital
• Post Life: http://postlife-international.com

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