♫♪  Sign Libra - Closer To The Equator

Detroit-based, rainforest-grown label Sounds of the Dawn snuck in their third release at the end of last month, a concept EP from Sign Libra for the one-act ballet Closer to the Equator. Written specifically for the performance at the Latvian National Opera in Riga, Latvia, the 22-minute soundtrack now exists alone, outside predestined, physical movements. The sounds are liquid and alive and move with a grace too pure to rematerialize. To even try and put digital hands on it, imagine a VR world: one part New Age tape from the music section of a Books-a-Million and one part the 10 Hours of Donkey Kong Country’s Aquatic Ambiance video. Better yet, read the detailed look into each part written by Sign Libra and paint your own world.

Closer to the Equator is out now digitally on Sounds of the Dawn.

And if you’re in Montréal on October 23, Sign Libra is playing Red Bull Music Academy’s Dans les Abysses in the 1976-buit Montréal Olympic Pool (writer’s note: whaaaaat).

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