♫♪  SKRS - Paradise Magic Traxx Mobile Sound & Lighting EP

What is it to be a citizen of nowhere? SKRS (f.k.a. Seekersinternational) and their new release, Paradise Magic Traxx Mobile Sound & Lighting EP, could be the kind of pan-global, pan-evental soundtrack to nowhere. Of course, however ostensible it may seem, it all belongs to somewhere: nation-states (SKRS from is Canada; Ancient Monarchy and Berceuse Heroique are from the UK), broad traditions (electronic, reggae; dancehall, dub, funk), and their micro-outgrowths (even more so than any of their previous releases, Paradise Magic Traxx is keeping the bathdub torch alight). And what to say of those disembodied voices and snatches of music? Where do they come from?

Ultimately, from riddim to riddim, broken beat to [broken] broken beat, there’s something of everything within the filter-passed contours of SKRS’ spacious dubs, and it’s easy enough to clamber inside. Forget that noise: it’s good to be from somewhere!

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