♫♪  SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL - Black Mazda Soundclash

Similar to the goodnatured kick-in-the-head stupidity supported on MRK90 MIX VOL 1, Black Mazda Soundclash — the newest cassette/digital release by SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL on Liquorish Records — runs the definition of overdub into the dancehall floor. Levels cross-fading into a distant landscape that’s sucked through production like language decoding and deciphering itself in sonic annunciations both instrumentally and vocally. Articulation of digital versus analog on an wholesome and healthy spectrum. Story telling through a sample-based medium that morphs into a script-list intentional on all forums. Pleasantry that can be domiciled in the dankest basement smoke, thick enough to cut through and choke on while exiting. Gasping on gas at the beach at the end of a sticky matchstick left-cig, on a towel, watching the beach fade away. SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL will forever ride. Find the tast of Black Mazda Soundclash on Liquorish Records today via digital (sold out on cassette). Stream eternity:

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