♫♪  Slackk - March [mix]

Cartoon violence, a smooth plastic playground of ergonomic slopes and bars. There’s a gleeful smirk to all the frankly brilliant instrumental grime that has been streaming out of UK inner-cities this last year. Fleshy, lurid sounds that wouldn’t stick out of place at a child’s birthday party — or piped into the background of an advert for acupuncture — mix sleazily with gunshots and happy slapping, crunching kicks. Whoever said grime grew up too fast?

Slackk is all stamina. He even makes low-slung digital dub feel energetic. His prolific steering of the good ship Boxed London recently culminated in the release of a fierce free compilation to celebrate their first birthday. Every one of his monthly mixes has been a killer, each feeding off the accrued aural capital of the ones that came before. The fear that he’ll slip up and give us some shonky, sub-par selection just adds to the fun of each month. And he never disappoints. I’m going to take the authoritative ground here and say that this March mix is the best yet, if only because it forced me to go out an buy a super-strength lager and sit in my cold flat nodding my head with my shadow for at least two hours. Discipline motherfuckers!

• Slack: https://soundcloud.com/slackk
• Boxed: https://soundcloud.com/boxedldn

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