Slackk debuts on R&S with Backwards Light EP

Slackk debuts on R&S with Backwards Light EP

Enter Paul Lynch a.k.a. Slackk: mastermind behind the iconic, painstakingly curated Grimetapes site (which still exists in Tumblr form), member of London’s Boxed crew alongside the likes of Mr. Mitch and Logos, and a tireless producer in his own right, with a fine back-catalog to show for it. He really does it all, doesn’t he?

Alright, maybe he doesn’t exactly do it all, but what he does do is pump out the tunes with impressive efficiency, and as long as he keeps that up, he’s gonna be worth sticking around for. Having popped off his debut full-length Palm Tree Fire last year, R&S has taken heed and snapped him up for an EP called Backwards Light. It’s out on June 1, and all signs point toward a continuation of the sonic themes touched on by Palm Tree Fire; the heady influence of grime still looms large, albeit flecked with the futuristic, synth-heavy sheen that Slackk and his collaborators are associated with. In other words, it should be pretty tight, especially if you’ve been enjoying the new wave of grime emitting from LDN and beyond.

Backwards Light tracklisting:

01. Bells
02. Posrednik
03. Monument
04. Sleeper Carriage
05. Backwards Light
06. Saigon

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