Using a stand-in pictured above (along with a stand-in for QT) at last Friday’s RAY-BAN X BOILER ROOM 005 event, SOPHIE destroyed everything in her wake. Yeah, you had OPN up there fucking around with sounds beforehand and Hudson Mohawke showing up 45 minutes after his introduction (by Eric Wareheim), with more technical hitches for him and Eclair Fifi. But the Chocolate Grinder ALWAYS has your best interest in mind, and we’ve found SOPHIE’s set on a straight bootleg-style recording below! So, if it ain’t my fellow writer Ariel snuffing on a bit of SOPHIE, I’ll try and do my best to fulfill. Listen for the sample of an older GFOTY track at 20:35. Scope:

• SOPHIE: http://msmsmsm.com
• PC Music: http://pcmusic.info
• Numbers: http://nmbrs.net

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