♫♪  Sreym Hctim - “Lint Roller”

I was gonna do an entire reverse text thing as a gimmick for this one, but that became too daunting a project (plus, we just posted a review that tested the limits of comprehendability anyway), so I’m gonna let Mitch Myers be Sreym Hctim and leave it at that. The former recorder and releaser of music under monikers Smuh Raeh and Worra Ecaep — … I mean, uh, Hear Hums and Peace Arrow, sorry about that… — is tearing off any mask that obscures his true self.

Well, except for the whole backward-letter thing. That’s still an obfuscation.

Those of you expecting a Hear Hums/Peace Arrow redux will instead be treated to Mitch Myers the growing and maturing songwriter, a burgeoning master of his musical environment. Don’t be alarmed: “whimsical” and “introverted” are still credible buzzwords when describing Myers’s output. But as the variety of instruments on “Lint Roller” gradually discovers a sense of compatibility with one another, you’ll realize there’s some bigger world-building going on, some prime imaginative creation here. Joined on clarinet by Elena Riordan, Myers allows “Lint Roller” to bloom like flowers in a botanical garden, taking in nutrients from the environment around it, like the air, water, and soil.

Hear these new hums below, and witness a musician blossoming ever wider, exposing more and more of his true identity in the process.

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