♫♪  Standing On The Corner - “My Funny”

The feeling older heads get when “Frank” comes on the stereo, that general nostalgia for something familiarly romantic and damaged but admiringly unbreakable in all its ruggedness, like John McClain’s bloody, callused feet trudging the halls of Nakatomi Plaza; that reek. Same stench, different holiday. When Holly starts to pop it and then looks back to say it’s real. The belated, beloved, bespeckled, bedpanned deadpanning heart wrench. Late to the party?

Standing On The Corner used to go by Children Of The Corner, under which name they released an album called Standing On The Corner, which made TMT’s Favorite Mixtapes of September 2016, this writer’s personal favorite “Favorite Mixtapes of 201X” column to date in case you’re keeping score. Here, they’re Supreme Cee Mystery, Jackie the Moon, Slauson Malone and Aja Grant, maybe?

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