♫♪  Stress - Release

That back and forth with your body always wanting to implode and explode at the same time. Internally ready to break free with an pent up state that anxiety only measures in a meter to the right of your “busted retina.” Barely sitting up straight at work after the rager you pulled the night before. And the night before that, and the night before that night-before. Maybe you’ll just die right there, but there’s a worth within the beads upon your brow, and Sweat Equity is the only salvation. So feel some Release with Stress. Solo project of Daniel Creahan (one-half Mind Dynamics), Stress takes on topics like “Arrange,” “Titelip,” “Thusly,” and “Gyo” in order to alleviate them joints and get listeners bugging to the beats. No matter how alternated or outta-junk the sounds pair, it’s still so fluid only glucosamine can save you now. Daily. Or just Release on the daily. Either way, it’s below. Melt with Stress:

• Sweat Equity: https://sweatequitynyc.bandcamp.com

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