♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 121 - How I See Myself These Days

I hate how society demands how “ME” I have to be. You want “ME?” Cut me in front of a Metrocard machine, yo. It’s a twice-a-year thang to get a Metrocard. And I understand panhandling. I get you ain’t got cash on hand. I see your failed credit card interaction. Does that give you a ticket to both Metrocard machines without me losing my cool. Yes! Yes, it does. I will play it cool because fucking white people give enough a bad name to this America so like, “I’ll forever exisist humanity’s jackass.” Keep talking, Clifford. This is juxtaposition of the flagrant. Now leave. Shivering. A naturally evolving country of white people left to where they have always belonged: underground in a segment we like to call, “Please, Pretend We Never Happened. Thanks! Kay.”

Ohhh, if y’all just knew how much I wanted to completely rip apart my body and watch it put itself back together in the pain of frustration. Emotional status on a physical node. Saying I used to scratch Nike symbols into my skin as a kid. Saying anything at all in belief of faith. Humanity crumbling into a dimensional internet that was always fucking here; and I’m the fool: because I really am. Look at me [refer to the above picture]. People not really liking anything but themselves inside on a nice day binging everything they can consume in one heaping pile of trash bags that’re memories bestowed upon an afterlife nobody will ever fucking care about because the memory of YOU is worth a fucking wooden nickel with a buffalo on it that’s been a burger since 1956, digested into shit, sewage, and is now soil for a money-tree in some region of West China that only dynasty family may enter.

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[00:00] Upgrayedd Smurphy - “Epsilon”
[04:05] Darren Keen - “How Polite”
[07:50] Laural Halo - “Moontalk”
[12:20] Kirt The Flirt - “Back2Biz “
[16:35] DIVORCE - “Tea Lizard’s Lament”
[19:14] Care Bears - “Care Bears Countdown” (Judith Priest Hard Edit)
[22:41] Fugitive - “Bebephat”
[25:56] Nmesh - Hepatic Portal
[31:39] Bloom - VISION (osno1 remixx)

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