♫♪  Sunmoonstar / Euglossine - Split

Contemplation can be a real killer. The weight of fragmented shards cut so deep, get lost in the system, spiral out of control, cause insane reactions, cripple psyche, and leave shreds of madness scattered around to be taken out with the trash. Luckily, Moss Archive’s newest Split cassette and digital release is one that’ll push out those shards into a beautiful, glimmering sculpture.

First side of the split is from Sunmoonstar. “Limin Tree” starts it out with a twinkle that last melodiously for nearly 11 minutes, puncturing joy into one’s mind like a sponge eager to absorb the essence of pure bliss, eventually trickling out into an unravelling of free-spirit. Almost a sister-song follow up, “Press Paws” is the bath one takes while soaking in the bestowed euphoria, still channeling those heart-felt feels from the track before.

Side-B is done-up by none-other than the experimental soft-jazz floater Euglossine (owner of Squiggle Dot). Within three tracks, Euglossine manages to continue Side-A’s contentment with an expansion of overwhelming waves of excitement. Now’s the time for adventure. Explore the tameness of today and find a place of your own. It could be totally public. It could totally be your mind’s eye. Just breathe in:

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