♫♪  Suryummy - Genesis Clarity

Tune in to these 3D sounds by Suryummy, out now on Beer On The Rug. Get ready to get digitized, with new, thick legs that give you an ability to jump super high. Now you can finally jump over the NYC subway tracks without any self-doubt. Talk about transfer. Talk about jumping rooftop after rooftop, ala Spiderman, sans the outfit.

Or suddenly you’re in Los Angeles and there are avocados everywhere. The apartment buildings look like timeshares, or hotels. The mood lighting relaxes you. The dawn of cold air, the evening of chilly sublimity. Leaf blowers, helicopters, art deco facades, thick walls of adobe. On the street: no one. Artificiality and realness meld into each other; even the gritty is pretty. Yeah, breathe in the marvelous smog of this city, this gigantic film set. The inner life of the car and the bedroom become one. Which kinda sounds like Genesis Clarity.

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