Me motherfucking thought Ricky Weaves was gwan write up the new Beer on the Rug “peace”-jam PHOTON SLOBBER by SURYUMMY. But instead, I absorbed these musical vibes. And they feel fucking evil. Here’s why: deception. I don’t buy the nu-age complacency of it. Soaring ambience is too abrupt. These melodies are in the key of “FUCK YOUR FACE.” It’s like you’re witnessing the musician’s hate by experiencing these harsh-yet-stereotypically-relaxing sounds. Yet, it’s coercive, if you’re untrained ear can get tapped enough to feel it. There’s programming here with bird-calls that’ve been manipulated into sonic renderings of anger. That ball of darkness in all us. PHOTON SLOBBER rips at it. Almost as if it disintegrates all other feels of pure-moods, and rage is now at the nodal forefront. A brain blister popping like a zit against one’s brain that creates a natural hallucination so real the texture of this mirage is almost slimy. Never, anything again, will be the same as:

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