The wait is over. SUSAN BALMAR AND LAMPGOD (two heavy hitting TMT favorites) have fucked musically and birth SNL. And as it’s nothing like Miley Circus, it IS just about as sexy as a cherry popping into a youth-adult’s mouth, you catching it out the side of your eye, and thinking, “Damn it, to be sexy again.” That is my personal thesis for SNL by SUSAN BALMAR AND LAMPGOD: the dream of once being hot shit and now not, but going back, figuring out how to hack reality, and coming out as something as fresh as sounds on beats on samples on purity. This mix is purity.

Nothing like anything SUSAN BALMAR AND LAMPGOD done before — including NEO​-​OEUVRE on Bootleg Tapes — SNL blends both their pensions for dirty-reel samples and omnivorous sounds, and it comes out gorgeous. Obviously. Fuck, I’d call it a sculpture of sound in the shape of a goddess, but you’re not really sure WHAT you’re looking at, because sound isn’t tangible, though this goddess statue is, so close your eyes, fall into the SNL SUSAN BALMAR AND LAMPGOD pit of sonic imagination, and stream the sexy out of it below:

• LAMPGOD: https://soundcloud.com/lampgod
• Susan Balmar: https://soundcloud.com/SUSANBALMAR

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